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Diva_Fanfics Table Challenge

Prompt Table

011.Darkness012.Alone013.Naughty014.Natural015.One last kiss
016.Goodbye017.Taste018.Playful019.Hide and Seek020.Loyalty
021.Fate022.Soul Mate023.Destiny024.Communication025.Text Message
031.Request032.Sleep033.Insomnia034.Pillow fight035.Time
036.Suitcase037.Passport038.Road Trip039.Movie Night040.Date Night
041.Blind Date042.Matchmaker043.Double Date044.Ice Cream045.Cupcake
046.Table047.Fireplace048.Defeat049.Cotton Candy050.Costume
076.Cookie077.Coffee078.Teddy Bear079.Nail Polish080.Lipstick
091.Glasses092.Duct tape093.Karaoke094.Bingo095.Handcuffs
096.Silk097.Leather098.Scarf099.Wild Card100.Drinking Game

Settings Table

001.Playground002.Wedding003.Concert004.In the rain005.Airport
006.Cruise007.Movie Theatre008.Drive-In009.Backyard010.Bathroom
011.Bedroom012.Kitchen013.Hotel Room014.Amusement Park015.Hallway
016.Beach017.Hospital018.Shopping Mall019.Cemetary020.Grocery Store
021.Apartment022.Toy Store023.Dog park024.Pet store025.Animal Shelter
026.Jail027.Police Station028.Bookstore029.Haunted House030.Emergency Room
031.Forest032.Desert033.Locker Room034.Parking Garage035.Studio
036.Train Station037.Bus stop038.Waterfall039.Food Court040.Nightclub
041.Bowling Alley042.Casino043.City Hall044.Church045.Courtroom
046.Elevator047.Nursery048.Garden049.Border Crossing050.DMV

Quotes/Phrases Table

001.Pretty please?002.I'm sorry003.Please forgive me004.I dare you005.I lied
006.I love you007.I hate you008.Bite me009.Will you marry me?010.Just shut up and get naked
011.This doesn't change anything012.It meant nothing013.I don't need you014.I don't care015.Leave me alone
016.Who are you?017.I miss you018.Let me help019.Bring it on020.Prove me wrong
021.Let me go022.It wasn't my fault023.Is that so?024.That's a lie025.In your dreams

Lyrics Table

001.I'm so tired of being here002.I'd catch a grenade for ya003.You gave me roses, and I left them there to die004.I just wanna feel okay again005.It's now or never
006.I'm tired of being what you want me to be007.So go ahead and get gone008.You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess009.I am not the kind of girl010.I'm addicted to you
011.Everybody needs some time on their own012.I'm not a perfect person013.I'm sorry that I hurt you014.I can't wait to meet you there015.Would you tell me I was wrong?
016.Where do we go now?017.Do you know what's worth fighting for?018.I kept everything inside019.Things aren't the way they were before020.Life flows on within you and without you
021.I think I know, I mean, a yes, but it's all wrong022.And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make023.It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out024.All these places have their moments, with lovers and friends, I still can recall025.You could find better things to do than to break my heart again
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